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Health Coaching Program

What experiences do you crave? What floats your boat? How do you want to feel? What do you want to do with your life? My six-month health coaching program is completely client-driven and covers a wide range of topics of your choice, including positive stress, movement and exercise, bio-individual nutrition, and creating and living your desires. Handouts and access to a full health and wellness library are available. Two 60-minute sessions are scheduled per month for six months. Three add-on sessions can include:

  • Grocery store explore
  • Pantry play
  • Cooking up a storm

Or, these add-on sessions can be dedicated to movement and exercise, if you prefer. Specific scheduled appointments support efficient time management for you. Sessions can be carried out in-person, at your home*, by phone, or via Skype.

  • $150 per month**

* Paid via post-dated checks or automatic monthly credit card withdrawal

** Travel fees may apply depending on your proximity to my studio facilities

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