In the early 80’s, while studying Exercise Physiology at the University of MD and teaching aerobic dance classes (as they were called back then) at an upscale Georgetown exercise studio, I was always munching on plain, oversized bagels between or after classes. Cream cheese…NO! Butter?….NEVER!  I was so smug. Oh my, how times have changed.

The more I study and learn about nutrition, the less I trust and the more I question. The cycle goes on and on. I feel better about this cyclic pattern though – ALWAYS questioning (as opposed to assuming) that what I am reading and learning is truth and reality. As we continue to dig into the science of nutrition related to fitness and health, we realize how vast the canyon is. We know so little for certain.

On the surface, this may seem quite the downer. On the contrary, as long as we continue to ask questions, design valid research (topic for another blog!) and keep our minds open, we have a shot of achieving what many of us are looking for: proper nutrition to support full, active, healthy lives.

The topic of FAT is one piece in the expansive nutritional puzzle. Take a small bite and check out the article entitled Fat: What I Got Wrong. What I Got Right. by Dr. Mark Hyman.

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