IIN Recipe Blog

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s recipe blog is worth checking out for innovative ways to cook high-quality foods. The recipes on this blog cross the nutritional spectrum – from gluten-free to vegan to paleo, and everything in between, and all are contributed by IIN members.

ACE Healthy Recipes

Maintaining a healthy diet at home can be a challenge for many families, especially when they contain picky eaters. ACE Fit has compiled hundreds of appetizers, main dishes, desserts and more that double as delicious and nutritious options for your family. Search based on special diet considerations, ingredients you happen to have on hand, or the type of dish you need to prepare.

ACE Fitness Library

Whether you’re a beginning exerciser who needs help getting started or someone who wants to add some spice to your fitness routine, the ACE Exercise Library offers a variety of movements to choose from. Browse through ACE’s total-body exercises or movements that target more specific areas of the body. Each comes with a detailed description and photos to help ensure proper form.

Yoga Research

Yoga offers a multitude of mental and physical benefits. In the modern era of yoga, advances in technology and accessibility of information allow researchers to test and prove these benefits that have been discussed for generations. Yoga Alliance has compiled yoga research on a variety of topics so you can learn about the ways yoga can help the body and mind.

Nutritious Movement

Nutritious Movement shows you how to create a more balanced and healthy movement diet by teaching you how to figure out which movements you’re missing, and which you’re currently overdosing on. They also provide education on biomechanics, kinesiology, and physiology, as well as information on how to build a supportive movement community, and create a natural habitat that supports the best performance of your body parts—all trillion of them.

Chris Kresser

Turn theory into practice and make real, tangible improvements in your health with programs from Chris Kresser. Information has the power to change your life, but sometimes you need a little help.  Changing habits and implementing what you’ve learned doesn’t have to be so difficult. These programs are the result of thousands of hours of research, development, and clinical experience with real people. Take a look at how these evidence-based, simple, step-by-step programs can help you improve targeted areas in your health.

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