Senior & Elder Fitness

Improve & Enjoy

  • Greater independence within and outside your home
  • Better balance for running errands and walking your dog
  • clear mind to support lively conversation, pleasurable reading, new hobbies, and stimulating education
  • Increased strength for easy and safe stair climbing, managing groceries, and other daily activities
  • Enhanced flexibility for reaching, bending, and playing with grandchildren

My Approach

Movement and cognition are powerfully connected. Learning new movement patterns challenges the brain, and well-guided and progressed movements support independence. Recognize what you CAN do, and grow from there! I will meet you in your home, and we will move together. It’s your life. It’s your choice. Your body wants to move no matter what your age.

Terms and Rates

Private sessions are available in my studio or in your home.* Your training will build from session to session, week to week, and will include range-of-motion, flexibility, agility, and strength exercises.

  • 60 minute session: $60

* Travel fees may apply depending on your proximity to my studio facilities

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